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JD Wiker’s personal website

Rich Redman’s personal website

The Stannex: Stan!’s personal website.

Bolt & Quiver

Savage Video

Gaming Sites

Monte Cook and Malhavoc Press
Sue and Monte Cook have been invaluable to The Game Mechanics as we started to build a company, even though we’re technically the competition. We can’t thank them enough.

Sean K. Reynolds
Sean may have moved back to California, but his former co-workers haven’t forgotten him.

d20 Game Engine and the Open Gaming License
This is the site that describes the legal structure which allows The Game Mechanics, Inc. to publish game material compatible with Dungeons & Dragons and d20 Modern.

Christopher West
Christopher is a first-class cartographer whose work has appeared in countless roleplaying products over the past few years.

Todd Lockwood
Todd is a great artist and illustrator whose work you’ve no doubt seen all over Dungeons & Dragons for several years now.

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d20 Magazine Rack

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Homestar Runner
A Flash site that has to be experienced.